Woodbine Street Story

Miss L. is a 66 year-old homeowner who moved into this house in Roxbury (originally belonging to her parents) 40 years ago. She has not had an easy
life. She lost her father to cancer when he was 64, followed by the death of two older brothers. She tragically lost her daughter when she was killed during her first year of college in 1999. Despite this, Miss L. has managed to continue living with a positive spirit that has supported her throughout her life.

The Eastern Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling industry’s (EM NARI) team on National Rebuilding Day made her home healthier and safer by:

- Replacing storm doors and other weatherization
- Replacing a damaged basement bulkhead
- Replacing 3 damaged windows
- Repairing/patching/painting in front hallway
- Replacing ceiling tiles in her kitchen
- Repairing water-damaged kitchen wall and paint
- Replacing old kitchen appliances (stove and refrigerator)
- Patching and repairing popcorn ceiling in bedroom
- Replacing a thermostat