Kerwin Street, Dorchester

Mrs. Johnson-Smith is a proud woman who has put her life into her home and her family. She hopes that Rebuilding Together Boston will be able to help with safety modifications and exterior upkeep to give her and her family a safe home to live in and be proud of as she moves into her senior years.

Sixty-four-year-old Mrs. Johnson-Smith wears a variety of hats, serving as a caring mother, a loving sister, a devoted wife, and a giving community member. A mother of four, three of whom have autism and one of whom tragically passed away, Mrs. Johnson-Smith values being a mother above all else. Despite the fact that she suffers from Lymphedema and is confined to crutches full-time, she still manages to upkeep her home that she shares with her elderly sister, her two disabled sons, and family. In the 35 years that Mrs. Johnson-Smith has lived in her three-story Dorchester home, she has replaced her porch several times, repaired every window in the house, installed numerous modifications around the house for her sons, replaced the roof, installed new pipes, and much more. Although Mrs. Johnson-Smith’s medical conditions have rendered her unable to work full-time, she still finds time to volunteer at the Achieve Program, read to children through the Generations Program, and run a support group for parents who have children with special needs. As Mrs. Johnson-Smith spends her days caring for her family and giving back to the community, it leaves her very little time to focus on herself. Last fall, she finally came to terms with the all too hard reality and accepted truth that it was time to ask for help. She put aside her fiercely self-sufficient, resilient, and savvy spirit and reached out to Rebuilding Together Boston to request assistance to help make her home healthier and safe.

On National Rebuilding Day, April 29, Pro Teck and Rebuilding Together Boston provided the Johnson-Smith family with the following critical repairs and health and safety upgrades. The project supervisor is Marc Seigle.


Repairs include:

  • Weatherization
  • Replacement of failing windows and storm doors.
  • Rebuilding front porch
  • Replacing two damaged ceiling