Claremont Street, Dorchester

When he was young, Mr. Walters and his family moved from Jamaica with the hopes and dreams of making their new home in Boston. Growing up in Dorchester, he loved  the idea of having the local elementary school within walking distance and it was an important consideration when thinking of moving since he was a parent of three school aged daughters. He wanted to raise his children in a quiet neighborhood that was filled with other young families and where his children could play safely on the streets. He did not have to travel far to find the home where he wanted to raise children --Mr. Walters purchased his home from his parents in 2004. The home where he grew up.

In 2008 when the economy fell into recession, Mr. Walters was laid off from his career job as an engineer. This soon left his family financially insecure. Trying to support and maintain a stable environment for his kids, Mr. Walters took on necessary work to pay the bills. He now works long hours as a sales representative in order to meet his expenses. Recently he became  a single parent,  and his full work schedule and tight budget has not afforded him the time or the finances keep up with critical house repairs.

When Mr. Walters discovered his application was accepted, he felt this opportunity was his higher power working in mysterious ways. Grateful for Rebuilding Together Boston (RTB) and the volunteers who will serve on National Rebuilding Day, Mr. Walters hopes that with this relief he can begin focusing  helping support his children through school. His three daughters are now teenagers and one is headed off to college.  He has heard such great things about RTB and feels he has won something more valuable than a lottery ticket.

On National Rebuilding Day, April 29th, Gilbane Construction and Rebuilding Together Boston provided the Walters family with critical life and safety repairs as well as additional health and safety upgrades such as smoke and CO monitors. The project supervisor was Mike Marcella.  


Repairs include:

  • Repair bedroom ceiling
  • Remove ceiling in dining room and replace with drywall
  • Repair bathroom plumbing
  • Replace failing windows