Dorchester Ave, Dorchester

Sixty-seven year old Mr. Woloschuhuk, is a Bostonian native who's made a life working for some of the city’s well known institutions. His career first began at the Boston Globe, where he worked as a journalist and news editor for over a decade. Following, he decided to educate the young minds of tomorrow and began teaching his profession to students at both Boston College and Northeastern University. Just 15 years into his teachings Mr. Woloschuhuk was diagnosed with cancer. Initially taking an extended leave of absence, his illness ultimately forced him into early retirement.

Mr. Woloschuhuk has been supporting himself on his pension and the amounting medical costs and other exceeding financial expenses have made bill payments near impossible to keep up with.  He has owned and maintained his 94 year old family home since the 2003 passing of his mother. Between managing the property’s current tenants, who reside on the second and third floors, and his illness, he has not been able to afford the time or finances required to maintain an old house. Mr. Woloschuhuk is grateful and excited for the help Rebuilding Together Boston’s volunteers will provide and hopes that the renovations may ease some of his financial burden so that he can continue to focus on his health and recovery.

On National Rebuilding Day, April 29, Better Homes and Garden Real Estate-Shanahan, the Construction Management Association of America-NE (CMMA) and Rebuilding Together Boston provided the Woloschuhuk family with the following critical repairs and health and safety upgrades. The project supervisor is James Driscoll.


Repairs include:

  • Painting front and rear porches
  • Installing wallpaper in the front entry and stairwell
  • Plumbing and wall repair in bathroom
  • Blown in insulation in entry
  • Repairing and trimming back porch screen