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Your donation—however small—will help fund vital home repairs and improvements that will help keep a Boston homeowner or family safe, warm and secure. Remember, every donation gets magnified four times through donated supplies and volunteer labor! It doesn't take much to make a real difference in someone's life.

Corporations and Foundations

Corporations and foundations seeking to support Boston homeowners and communities have found RTB to be an enthusiastic and effective partner. RTB has several Corporate and Foundation Donor Levels:

Donor Levels

$100,000+ Rebuilding Together Society
$50,000+ Master Builder
$25,000+ City Rebuilder
$10,000+ Community Rebuilder
$5,000+ Neighborhood Rebuilder
$2,500+ Home Rebuilder
$1,000+ Master Craftsman
$500+ Rebuilding Partner
$250+ Supporter


RTB is based on the idea of neighbors helping neighbors. Help us improve the lives of Boston homeowners and stabilize our neighborhoods by making a personal donation. RTB has several Individual Donor Levels:

Individual Donor Levels

$50,000+ Master Rebuilder
$25,000+ City Builder
$10,000+ Community Rebuilder
$5,000+ Neighborhood Rebuilder
$2,500+ Home Rebuilder
$1,000+ Master Craftsman
$500+ Rebuilding Partner
$250+ Weekend Warrior
$100+ Helping Hands
$50+ Supporter
$25+ Contributor

Donate now through our secure page on PayPal, or contact RTB to find out more about available opportunities for sponsorship at: info@rebuildingtogetherboston.org.

Rebuilding Together Boston is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our IRS tax identification number is 043-142781.

Thank you for your support.

"The NECHV would like to express its appreciation, not only to Rebuilding Together Boston, but also to the many companies and organizations that provided contributions and volunteer support. Rebuilding Together Boston has indeed helped our organization in a substantial way that is to be commended and will always remain appreciated by all the veterans we serve. Thank you.

-- New England Center for Homeless Veterans