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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Apply For Services? RTB provides assistance to low-income residents in the City of Boston only who own their own homes but who, because of physical or income limitations, are not able to meet the costs of home repair. Typically, these individuals are elderly, veterans or have a disability, but families and others in need are also served through our work. In addition, we serve Boston's non-profit organizations that own their own facilities but cannot afford, due to budget constraints, to do needed repairs or renovations.

Who Is Considered Low Income? RTB uses income guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as one criteria for homeowner applicant selection. These guidelines range from 1 person -up to $30,050; 2 people –up to $34,300; 3 people – up to 38, 600; four people – up to 42,900, etc. Please contact our office if you have any questions about income guidelines.

How Are Sites Selected? Homeowners and non-profits are encouraged to contact our office for an application or download them directly from our website - Homeowner Application, Non-Profit Application Referrals are also accepted from a variety of sources including non-profit agencies, social service organizations, faith-based organizations, and individuals

Once I Apply What Happens? Upon receipt of a completed application, the Site Selection Committee reviews all applications received. The Committee is made up of RTB Board and senior staff members as well as representatives of the construction industry. If selected for further review, a home or facility inspection takes place to identify the needed repairs and/or renovations. Applicants will then be notified by mail of their acceptance for RTB services.

If Accepted for Services, How Long Before the Work Begins? Project timing is based upon available funding from corporations, foundations, individuals and other donors. A project accepted for National Rebuilding Day will take place the last Saturday in April each year.

Is There A Fee For Services? All repairs are provided at no cost to the recipient. Family members and non-profit staff are asked to participate as extensively as possible in the rehabilitation of their homes or non-profit centers.

When Is the Work Done? Our major service day is National Rebuilding Day held on the last Saturday in April. We also hold Special Service Days for volunteer groups from May through October, and provide services throughout the year through our Year-Round Program which utilizes only skilled labor for more complex repair projects.

Who Can Volunteer? Anyone can volunteer! In addition to non-skilled volunteers (novices are welcome), we seek skilled trades people and "weekend warriors" who do their own repairs. Volunteers are given assignments and/or training based upon their skill levels so that everyone feels comfortable with, and energized about, their contribution.

Is There An Age Limit to Volunteer? Able bodied adults of any age can volunteer. Children ages 13 and up can volunteer if accompanied by an adult.

How Can I/My Company or Organization Help? Become a supporter and/or a volunteer! You, your company or your organization can participate by: (1) adopting/sponsoring a site that will benefit from our services; (2) providing donated labor, supplies, equipment and other needs; and, (3) donating your time and talent for a project.

Who Supports the Organization? RTB is privately funded and does not currently rely on funding from city, state, or federal governments. All donations come from a variety of sources: corporations, foundations, civic associations, alumni associations, faith-based organizations, and individuals –- all those interested in helping to build a better community. Every dollar donated is leveraged with over four dollars in donated goods and services. Our program is a success because it is "people helping people" to provide safety, security, health and independence to those in need.

What Types of Donated Skilled Labor, Supplies and Equipment Do You Need? RTB typically is in need of skilled electricians, plumbers, carpenters, roofers, flooring contractors, and remediation labor, but all trades are utilized in our work.

The types of supplies and equipment we traditionally need are: energy efficient windows, doors and appliances; safety items such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, grab bars and related items; paint; commercial and home lighting; flooring; dumpsters; landscaping materials; and scaffolding, among other items.

General supplies such as paint brushes and rollers, paper towels, gloves and drop cloths are also needed. Please contact our office if you have items you would like to donate.

Is Rebuilding Together Affiliated With A Particular Religion? No. The program serves all people and embraces people of all faiths, racial and ethnic groups, ages, and sexes.

How Can I Start A Rebuilding Together Program? Rebuilding Together is a nationally trademarked organization. Anyone interested in organizing a program should contact the national Rebuilding Together office at: (800) 473-4229 or (202) 483-9083 to request further information. The national website is: http://rebuildingtogether.org