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About Us
Programs and Services
How We Work Recipients of RTB services are chosen without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, age or gender. We use income guidelines from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as one guide in helping to determine the qualifications of applicants.

Anyone can volunteer for RTB. Carpenters, plumbers, electricians, roofers, and other skilled trades people are always in demand. But energetic novices, do-it-yourselfers, and unskilled volunteers can all pitch in to preserve and protect our communities.

The Selection Process The locally-based process of qualification and selection requires completion of an application and a site inspection by RTB staff and construction experts. Eligible homeowners are low-income Boston residents including the elderly, disabled, veterans and others in need who are unable to make the needed repairs themselves. Non-profit organizations must own their facility and be unable to pay for the work required out of their yearly budget.

Application forms are available by calling our office or on line. Referrals are also accepted from a variety of sources including non-profit agencies, social service organizations, faith-based organizations, and individuals.

RTB offers three programs of service:

National Rebuilding Day© On the last Saturday in April, volunteers come together to donate their time, talent, and resources for a "hands-on" day of home or non-profit-facility renovations. This is our largest effort traditionally involving over 700 volunteers working on sites across the City.

Year-Round Program Utilizes only skilled labor and offers homeowners and non-profit organizations the opportunity to receive more complex renovation services such as roof and gutter repairs, window installations and the like.

Special Service Days Offers corporations, service organizations, affinity groups, faith-based organizations and other groups the opportunity to sponsor a volunteer day of service between May and October.

Some of the organizations served through our programs include the New England Center for Homeless Veterans; Project Hope; Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly; AIDS Action; Brookview House; Dorchester Nazarene Compassionate Care Center; and, Greenwood Church.

I enjoyed the replacement of my windows. I had so much air coming through and loss of energy that I immediately felt the difference once (they were) installed. I want to thank all involved. They did a fantastic job and worked as a team. Everyone was so professional and very friendly. I could not have felt so comfortable around strangers. I am not a church person but I thank G-d for the goodness and kindness that was given to me. -- Dorchester homeowner